iPhone Repair

Don’t resort to buying a new iPhone just yet, we can repair your broken iPhone for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one! Our skilled team of experts have thousands of iPhone repairs under their belts, so if there’s a way to fix your iPhone we’ll know how to do it. We’re honest and open about our estimates and the work we’re doing because you have a right to know. 

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iPad Repair

If your iPad isn’t working right, let the experts at G-Phixit take a look! Our trained professionals know iPads inside and out, and we will find the right way to fix your iPad if it can be done. We take special care with all of the delicate components that go into an iPad, so your device will be in good hands. 

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MacBook Repair and Upgrades

MacBook are dependable enough to last you for years, but like any electronic device, they’ll break eventually. You may not be ready to buy a whole new laptop, so let us repair your MacBook at industry leading prices! Not only can we fix any component of your MacBook at an affordable rate, we can upgrade it, too. We can increase your MacBook’s capabilities to suit your needs without having to buy the newest model.

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